Mosaic Invest is a specialist investment management firm based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our main purpose is to deliver outstanding investment performance to our clients.

The firm’s investment approach incorporates rigorous financial modelling, in-depth analysis of macro-economic drivers, understanding the merits of various investment styles, appropriate diversification, an appreciation of the benefits of unconstrained asset allocation and finally a robust risk framework within which portfolios are constructed.

Mosaic Invest is an authorised financial services provider #46319.

Investment Offering

Mosaic Invest Balanced Portfolio

The Mosaic Invest Balanced Portfolio is a regulation 28 compliant investment that serves the retirement investment needs of private clients in South Africa.

The portfolio is available as a retirement fund, living annuity and endowment. See the FAQ  section for more information.

Mosaic Flexible Prescient Fund

The Mosaic Flexible Prescient Fund is a collective investment scheme that serves the long-term discretionary investment needs of private clients in South Africa.

The fund is also available as a tax free investment. See the FAQ section for more information.

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